A few random shots

Sorry for the lack of updating but as I mentioned on Twitter, my parents are visiting for 10 days and I don’t have much time for the blog. Of course it’s also a chance for me to get out and about, so I’ve taken quite a few pictures that I’ll be putting here eventually.

For now, here are a couple random shots from my travels so far…

Orldies - Japanese English spelling mistake

Music from back in the good orld days.

Cutely animated racoon crossing highway sign

Look out for the cutely drawn raccoons.

construction zone frog

The construction zone frog!

very expensive japanese grapes

15,750 Japanese Yen = (Apx.) 178 USD = 111 GBP = 200 AUD = 121 Euros = way too freaking much. But damn do those look like some fine grapes…

japanese bus stop alight only sign

Japanese sometimes translate things too well for their own good. How many westerners are actually familiar with the word alight, I wonder?

Okay, that’s all for this short post. I’m looking forward to getting back to updating nihonshock more regularly, but that won’t be until next week.

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