Otaku Expression: MINAGITTEKITA!!!

This week I’ve been busy getting all the pre-sales of the cheat sheets ready to go. All the envelopes are ready and waiting, and I’m scheduled to pick up the sheets on Thursday. If all goes as planned they’ll be in the mail by the weekend. :-)  That and I’ve been playing The Secret World…

But anyway, today’s post will be a short one on my favorite expression in Japanese:


(Katakana and dots added for emphasis)

Minagiru (漲る) is the base verb here (no, the kanji isn’t Joyo). It’s original meaning is “to be full of water”, by extension it means “to be overflowing with power/determination/excitement/etc.” It describes a feeling that’s kind of like an emotional high or adrenaline rush; usually a response to something new and exciting.

Ever heard a song that just made you feel like you could do anything? Or achieved some great feat that made you want to do more and more? That’s the feeling of 漲る, and I’m pretty sure it’s the coolest feeling that there is a word for.

The ~TEくる verb form here is used to show a spontaneous change of state (I was not overflowing with power before, but suddenly I am). You see this usage also in 晴れてきた (the weather has cleared up).

However, there is a catch to this word: it’s primarily an otaku expression. Many otaku use it to describe the excitement they get from watching their favorite anime or listening to their favorite pop idol.

I’m actually kind of a closet-otaku myself (half-way-closet otaku? in-the-closet-with-the-door-open otaku?), but it’s unfortunate that the expression has this connotation because the emotion it describes is so awesome and (I would hope) universal.

What makes me go Minagittekita—–!!!

Perhaps the best way to explain ミナギッテキタ is to get you to experience it…

Old-skool Jpop FTW! This song, “Perseus” by Hitomi Shimatani has been my primary go-to resource for “recharging” my power ever since I started college.  Whenever I was exhausted or frustrated, it always gave me a second or sometimes third wind. To me this song was as good of a study tool as any, because it multiplied the length of study time I could endure in a given day. :-P

Some others that do it for me are:

What makes you go Minagittekita?

Yes, this post was kind of an excuse to show off some of my favorite re-energizing Japanese songs. But I want to hear from you too. Please leave a comment and tell me what gives you this feeling (doesn’t have to be Japanese, either ;-) )

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