Japanese have small stuff

Japanese are well known around the world as masters of miniature. And for a small island country of relatively short statured people, limited space and an obsession with things that are 可愛い (kawaii = cute) this should come as little surprise (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

However, somewhere in logical order of things there is a line of miniaturization for certain things which need not be crossed… that is, except by the Japanese.

On a quick trip to the supermarket last night I picked up four examples of miniaturization gone wild, but I’m sure there are plenty more lurking all over this country.

1. 135ml (4.5oz) Asahi beer = 100 yen

A very small Japanese Beer

Here, let me help you put that in perspective…

Tiny Japanese beer with lighter as size reference.

I guess this is one option for staying within the legal limit…

2. Mini-Mayonnaise = 67 yen

A very small bottle of Japanese mayonnaise

And again, in perspective…

Small bottle of Japanese mayonnaise with lighter as size reference

Share it with a friend to save even more calories.

3. Mini Instant Noodles = 95 yen

A miniature cup of instant noodles

Happens to be just about as big as my coffee cup…

Small Japanese noodle cup compared to coffee cup

For these noodles, the “instant” refers to the time required for eating.

4. Potato Chips = 78 yen

Japanese mini potato chips

Mmmm… don’t those look yummy?

Japanese mini potato chips and a quarter for size reference

Too bad you have to eat at least 3 at a time to get the sensation of having something in your mouth.

I’ll try to find some more mini things.

PS. Anyone remember Zoolander’s mobile phone? Mark my words, the Japanese will build it. It’s just a matter of time…

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