Flavor Fail: Chocolate Beer

It’s been a little quiet here at Nihonshock for a couple weeks. I haven’t forgotten about the blog at all, I’m just busy with a couple larger posts/projects for the site, so there has been a slowdown in posting. However, I went to Family Mart last night and spotted this easy post to help fill the gap.

I’m a Sapporo beer fan. I prefer their brews to Asahi and Kirin, and generally rave about their special releases. So when I saw this on the shelf at my local convenience store, I approached it with an open mind. I like chocolate, I like beer, I like Sapporo. Therefore, I like this, right? right…?

Sapporo Chocolate Beer

Sapporo Chocolate beer - in a glass


I don’t know whose idea it was to spread the ridiculous drink flavor wars into the world of alcohol, but they should be punished. This was terrible, just terrible. I hate to waste alcohol, I really do, but the only place in the world for this is….

…down the drain.

Good riddance.

Just noticed…

Apparently this beer isn’t as new as I thought. I guess Sapporo tried this last year too. Maybe it’s a Valentine’s day thing?

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