Basic Japanese Cheat Sheet: Digital Version!

Today I am releasing a version of the Basic Japanese cheat sheet which has been fully optimized for use on a computer (or computer-like device).

The cheat sheet PDFs I have released in the past were designed to be printed. They were split into two pages (a front and a back), and were sized just like a sheet of paper. Unfortunately, there’s a couple shortcomings with that. First of all, the cheat sheets contain very small Japanese text, very light and delicate colors, and almost no margin around the edge. That’s asking a lot for your run-of-the-mill home printer.

Also, there’s the fact that some people just prefer a digital document, even if they could get a print copy. I personally believe the cheat sheets are more helpful if you have an actual printed copy, but I understand everyone’s got a different way of things.

Changes from the previous (print) version:

  • Single-page, wide layout (just like your computer screen)
  • Text is now selectable
  • Colors have been adjusted to look better on a computer screen
  • Only vector and text data, so you can zoom forever without loss of quality (this also reduced the file size to just 225KB)

I also fixed some formatting inconsistencies that were present in the printed version, basically just some of the color-coding in the example sentences.

But this is the internet, where links and files speak louder than words, so go and download your copy now! I hope you like it! :-)

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