Infectious Gastroenteritis!?

This is one of my old Japanglish pictures from a Tokyo hotel a year or so ago.

I imagine this little sign with its big scary words could give some foreigners a good shock. Moreover, Noro Virus (which I hadn’t even heard of before seeing this sign) is apparently spread by contaminated water or physical contact with an infected person… so is gargling really a good preventative measure?? Not sure about gargling, but according to Wikipedia washing your hands is a good idea, at least.

Noro Virus sign

A better translation…

This hotel is currently experiencing an outbreak of stomach flu, caused by noro virus and spread through contact with infected persons. We are exercising extreme caution with our sanitation procedures, but would like to ask all guests to gargle and wash their hands upon entering the room.

More about Noro Virus on Wikipedia

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