Pizza Flavored Instant Yaki-soba

Japan is very good at coming up with flavors and combinations that no one else would dare to attempt.  On this point, Japanese pizza is another post in and of itself… but today I just want to show everyone this interesting new product that caught my eye at my local convenience store yesterday.

The box

Pizza-flavored instant yaki soba

Note: Pizza-la is a Japanese pizza chain store (I have to say store instead of restaurant because Japanese pizza is 99% delivery)

The product

Pizza flavored instant yaki soba, prepared

For those of you looking at the above image and thinking “there’s no way that tastes like pizza,” you’re correct. I decided to become a guinea pig for the sake of science and tried it myself. The actual flavor as far as I can tell is primarily pepper, kind of mixed with an artificial-meaty flavor… Cheese? Tomato Sauce? Sorry…, not on this “pizza.”

Oh well, I wasn’t expecting too much (it is just a box of instant noodles, after all). I pretty much just got a cheap dinner and an easy blog post out of the deal.

The verdict: leave this product alone, you’re not missing anything. It’s not so different from any other instant noodle. Not that it’s really bad, but it’s not anywhere close enough to pizza to be as interesting as the box implies.

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