Japanese Cheat Sheet Pack

UPDATE: The Japanese Cheat Sheet Pack is now finished and printing!

At last, the time has come to unveil what I’ve spent the last several months working on: a pack of Japanese cheat sheets for intermediate to advanced Japanese learners.

No doubt this is the single largest project I’ve ever tackled. I spent literally hundreds of dollars on reference books, probably more than a hundred hours dissecting real-life Japanese materials, and hundreds more hours applying my very best language and organizational skills. The result? I think I got (almost) the entire language onto nine sheets of paper.

Nihonshock’s Japanese Cheat Sheet Pack

  • Basic Japanese (a new-and-improved version of the old sheet)
  • Advanced Grammar
  • Advanced Verbs
  • Numbers and Time
  • Spoken Japanese
  • Natural Japanese
  • Beyond Vocabulary
  • Keigo
  • Kanji

It’s not quite done yet. I still want to take time to polish and “test drive” everything and also get plenty of native-speaker checking. I’m putting my name and reputation on these, so it has to be perfect. That’s what I’ll be doing in June, so don’t expect much blog activity this month either. :-P

The cheat sheet set (9 sheets in all) will be offered as laminated high-quality prints and priced at $25, which I think is reasonable considering they contain several times the amount of information similarly-priced books have, in a unique format.

I won’t go into detail here about the sheets because I made a sub-site specifically for them, loaded with details. So… go check it out! Feel free to leave questions or comments here if you have any, since the product site is not commentable. Note that there is a FAQ section on the product page, so if you’ve got a question the answer might already be there.

Thanks for supporting Nihonshock!

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